CAS in Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine

Two-day module “Study Design and Research” 21/22 May in Bern Information

“Integrating sex and gender analysis into medical research and clinical practice ensures that everyone across the whole of society benefits from excellent health care. This course instructs physicians and medical researchers in how sex and gender interact in the human body across the life course. It’s a crucial part of medical education”.

Professor Londa Schiebinger

John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science, Stanford University
Director, EU/US Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment

First advanced training in gender medicine in Switzerland: CAS program of the Universities of Bern and Zurich.

Both biological and socioculturally determined gender have an impact on prevention, diagnosis, course and therapy of diseases. However, these differences are often neglected in practice and clinical research. The CAS program in gender-specific medicine is a part-time university continuing education program. It is designed for individuals with a master’s degree in medicine or a related field who wish to deepen their knowledge of gender differences in medicine in order to shape their work according to the latest evidence.

The CAS Sex- and Gender-Specific Medicine program teaches the concepts of so-called gender medicine and the impact of biological and socioculturally aspects on health and health care.

Individual modules will highlight the importance of gender in various medical specialties.

Tools, concepts, and ideas are presented on how both health care and medical research can be gender-responsive.

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