Study Design and Research

Date: 21 – 22 May 2024
Language: English
Registration deadline single module: 14 May 2024 Registration
Fee: two-day module CHF 500

1 ECTS point two-day module
14 CME points “Schweizerisches Institut für ärztliche Weiter- und Fortbildung”

Goals of the module


  • are familiar with general principles and international policies on the inclusion of sex and gender in health research
  • are able to critically appraise sex/gender bias in research design, methods, interpretation and publications
  • are familiar with different methods and approaches to minimize sex/gender bias
  • have a thorough understanding of the importance of sex and gender in their own research projects

 Content of the module

How to design and conduct research without sex/gender bias: This module aims at identifying, understanding and minimizing sex/gender bias in the different research phases, including research design, population choice and sampling, data collection, data analysis, results interpretation, and recommendations drafting for clinical practice.

Further, to understand and act on sex and gender inequalities in clinical practice and health research, it is essential to have data that correctly reflect factors and pathways that induce differences. Is biology driving inequalities? Or social factors? How can we detangle the effects of sex on health, of gender on health, or of both sex and gender combined?

The module is organised with a balance of lectures and workshops. During workshops, participants will have the opportunity to work on their CAS thesis or other own research projects. Time will be allocated for individual work, group work and plenary discussions around the CAS theses (at any stage of research phases), with inputs from the experts.