Cohort 2025/2026

We are happy to announce the cohort 2025/2026. Registration is now open Registration
Of course, all modules can still be booked individually.
The module dates will be updated on an ongoing basis.

10 – 11 April 2025 Introduction to Gender Medicine (Zurich)
21 – 22 May 2025 Study Design and Research (Bern)
3 – 4 July 2025 Cardiovascular Medicine (Zurich)
TBD 2025 Endocrinology, Gut and Metabolism (Bern)
8 – 9 October 2025 Oncology (Bern)
TBD 2025 Neurology and Psychiatry (Zurich)
TBD 2025 Pharmacology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care (Zurich)
TBD 2026 Musculoskeletal Medicine, Autoimmunity & Gender Forensics (Zurich)
TBD 2026 Primary Care and Health Services (Bern)
TBD 2026 Infectious Diseases (Bern)
TBD 2026 Final Colloquium (Zurich)

Puls – “Gender Medicine – What is it and what does it bring?”

SRF1 dedicated its last health broadcast “Puls” to the current topic “Gender Medicine – What is it and what does it bring?”

Broadcast in German

We would like to thank the three participants of our CAS, Jana Frangi, Diana Mattiello and Rubén Fuentes, who gave an insight into their daily work and clarified misunderstandings about the term “Gender Medicine”.