Introduction to Gender Medicine

Date: 20 – 21 April 2023
Place: Zurich
Language: English
Registration deadline single module: 6 April 2023

Objectives of the module


  • know the concepts of sex- and gender-specific medicine in everyday clinical practice and research
  • know the distinction between “sex” and “gender” and can problematize it
  • have become familiar with the effects of sex- and gender-unspecific medicine on the health care system and know the concept of intersectionality.
Content of the module

In the introductory module, which is obligatory for the CAS programme, participants are introduced to the basics of gender theory: What does the distinction between biological gender (sex) and socio-culturally shaped phenomena (gender) mean and how is it related to the difference between nature and culture? Does gender have a history? To what extent is gender linked to other social categories (such as age, religion, class or ethnicity)?

Participants will also gain an insight into the concepts of gender-specific medicine that are important for practice and research, learn about the effects of sex and gender on health and the health care system and gain an overview of innovative concepts of gender-specific prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases.